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Disable Applixure Context Helper process per user

Disable Applixure Context Helper process per user.

It's ram 10m per each user.

  • Juho Yliriesto
  • Nov 11 2021
  • Will not implement
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    Kalle Saunamäki commented
    11 Nov, 2021 08:14am

    Applixure Agent on Windows requires process running in user session context in order to monitor responsiveness of the user applications as well as detect if application is visible for the user. This is required for application usage monitoring to distinguish between active vs non-active application use and without it, software usage categorization does not work correctly.

    Also, 10 megabytes RAM per logon session is typically very insignificant amount of memory in modern desktop computers - furthermore, given that the process is .NET based, amount of RAM used shown in Task Manager is not 100% indicative how much physical memory is actually consumed by the process as .NET and Windows do not necessarily free unused memory unless there is memory pressure from the system.

    That said, disabling context process by removing it from registry's Run key is of course possible by customer's choice, with the caveat that this will result above described loss of reported data and possibly others in the future.