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Option for general installation package

As a service provider, we are deploying Applixure agents to multiple environments. Currently there is no way to automate the Applixure agent installation without doing customer specific installation workflows which in some cases is too costly for smaller organizations.

My idea is you to create a general installation package of Applixure agent that does not bind in any organization. Actually it would not connect to Applixure cloud at all during the installation.

The binding would be made with simple "Setup" which would use ie. Microsoft Azure credentials to locate the unique tenant, which the agent would connect to. This would need pre-configuring tenant information to Applixure cloud environment. If no such configuration exists the Setup would fail.

When user logs in to "Applixure setup" with MS Azure identity, the setup would connect to correct Applixure teant bound to Azure tenant and check if the Applixure organization has been created and is accepting new agents.

This way we could deploy generic PC installations using ie. Microsoft Autopilot without the need to customize every installation task for a specific customer.

This woud significantly boost deploying Applixure by removing the need to deploy the agent with customer specific package.

The customer specific installation package should still be kept as an option because it still has it own benefits.

  • Timo Heinonen
  • Feb 8 2021
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  • Timo Heinonen commented
    14 May, 2021 12:29pm

    Hi Kalle,

    You got the correct idea.

    I hope you find it somehow possible to go around the problem you described and get this under development.

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but one way to get user out of the picture would be leveraging the permissions of Azure AD joined or Hybrid joined computer account.

  • Admin
    Kalle Saunamäki commented
    22 Apr, 2021 09:23am

    Thank you for the interesting idea.

    Can you please elaborate a little bit more about this "Applixure setup" phase in your description; would this be an operation to be done by the actual end-user on each device having Applixure Agent pre-installed?

    Also, in that case, I assume what this concretely means is that this per-user setup would read some Azure AD tenant ID from the Azure and based on that, find out the Applixure environment ID that is associated with that tenant and use that for the Applixure Agent on a device, is that the correct thinking here?

    One specific technical problem here is that such operation would not be possible with non-administrator -level user on a machine as the Applixure's environment ID - for which Applixure Agent reports data to - is stored a machine in HKLM so regular user would not be able to configure Applixure Agent in that scenario to use "auto-detected" ID based on the Azure AD tenant. This is somewhat related problem to the fact that Applixure Agent itself is not regular user installable as it has to operate on a machine context.